• Who We Are


    Once a monk asked the master, “What is the final word?” and the enlightened one calmly responded, “The word you didn’t understand at the beginning.” Well that concludes the story, but are you still intrigued by the word at the beginning? Like the great teacher said, you didn't understand the beginning, but we always did. For us, Branding is the beginning and the end. It is the story. It is what we preach and practice. Now as you think about it, we have grabbed and is still holding your attention with a misplaced word. Well that is what we call "Branding Fundamentals". Welcome to Chameleon, where branding is business philosophy

Based in Kerala, India and with operations extending through Europe and Middle East, Chameleon is a global branding house focusing on brand positioning, brand management and marketing strategy development for Small and Medium Enterprises to multi-national corporations. Being operational for the last 6 years as the creative wing of Effects-Media Design & Training (P) Ltd and with an impressive clientele featuring industry leaders, Chameleon has matured itself to a full-fledged operational division of the company. Over these years the brand Chameleon itself has become an identity and a pioneer that carries a vision to support brands to make phenomenal success in any type of marketing environment.